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Over Consumption and Under Nutrition

When we examine the human body, and in particular our digestive tracts, it is clear that we have evolved to consume both plant and animal products.  Our digestive tracts happen to be shorter than animals that are complete vegetarians, but longer than animals who are complete meat eaters.  Meat is loaded with high-quality protein and is a good source of B-12, iron and selenium, and research shows that children raised with some animal products in … [Read more...]

Burning calories

Now that summer has come and gone, many people are getting back into their fall and winter routines.  For some who began starving themselves in spring to look great for summer, it may also bring about a reversion to old dietary habits.   If keeping those extra pounds off or losing some weight is your present goal the important point to remember is that calorie restriction is only half the equation.  The other half is … [Read more...]

Children and headaches Causes and what to do

Contrary to popular belief, children can suffer from serious types of headaches including migraines.  Also, children of parents who suffer from migraines are more likely to develop them.  In a child, however, these headaches can take a different form than they do in adults, such as more vague in a child and more localized in an adult.  Also the child may perceive such symptoms as nausea, dizziness and confusion as head pain depending on their age … [Read more...]

Misconceptions About Chiropractic In Thunder Bay And Beyond

  There are many misconceptions surrounding the profession of chiropractic; including what they can treat, are they really doctors, are their treatments safe, and is it painful? I would like to address just a few of the most prevalent of these misconceptions so that your decision to consult with a chiropractor can be based on facts. Firstly, chiropractors are in fact doctors, being one of only five professions within the province of … [Read more...]