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Pain Has a Purpose

Pain is part of the body’s overall plan for survival. Pain is nature’s burglar alarm. When it sounds, it means something is trying to steal your health. It means something is tampering with our correct body function. It means you better do something to stop the theft. Destroying pain through the use of sedatives or analgesics makes as much sense as turning off a burglar alarm to stop burglary. The purpose of pain is to act as a stimulator … [Read more...]

Avoiding Food Additives

The food industry uses about 3,000 different food additives in a wide variety of packaged and preserved foods. These range from added vitamins and minerals to emulsifiers, buffers, natural and artificial flavouring and colouring, and large amounts of sugar and salt. The average person consumes nearly 150 pounds of these food additives per year including about 130 pounds of sugar and sweeteners, along with 10 – 15 pounds of “enriched” vitamins, … [Read more...]

Children and Headaches: What Can You Do?

Contrary to popular belief, children can suffer from serious types of headaches including migraines. Also, children of parents who suffer from migraines are more likely to develop them. In a child, however, these headaches can take a different form than they do in adults, such as more vague in a child and more localized in an adult. Also the child may perceive such symptoms as nausea, dizziness and confusion as head pain depending on their age … [Read more...]