Morning Aches and Pains? Check Your Pillow

Many people wake up with neck pain, tingling in their arms or hands, or headaches. Most people blame their stress level on this type of problem—-specifically on psychological stress. It may have something to do with stress; however, if it does, it’s probably physical stress. Take a look at your sleeping position, including the pillow you use. Do you sleep on your stomach, back or side? Research shows stomach sleepers have greater … [Read more...]

Misconceptions About Chiropractic In Thunder Bay And Beyond

  There are many misconceptions surrounding the profession of chiropractic; including what they can treat, are they really doctors, are their treatments safe, and is it painful? I would like to address just a few of the most prevalent of these misconceptions so that your decision to consult with a chiropractor can be based on facts. Firstly, chiropractors are in fact doctors, being one of only five professions within the province of … [Read more...]

Voted the #1 in Chiropractic and Massage Therapy in Thunder Bay

Each year the readership of the Chronicle Journal gets an opportunity to vote for whom they feel is the very best in in a number of chosen fields and professions in Thunder Bay and the surrounding region. This year we were humbled and yet thrilled to have been voted the best in Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy. We will use this wonderful endorsement to challenge ourselves to become even better in our patient care now and well into the … [Read more...]

Is it weight gain or a temporary retention?

Sometimes the weight you appear to be gaining may be nothing more than simple bloating. If you’ve ever awoke in the morning and appear to have put on four or five pounds overnight then take heart. Real weight gain takes longer than that and doesn’t appear as puffiness in your stomach, fingers or feet. Excess gas or fluids can accumulate in your system mostly because of gastrointestinal problems or normal hormonal fluctuations. Fluid retention … [Read more...]

Pain Has a Purpose

Pain is part of the body’s overall plan for survival. Pain is nature’s burglar alarm. When it sounds, it means something is trying to steal your health. It means something is tampering with our correct body function. It means you better do something to stop the theft. Destroying pain through the use of sedatives or analgesics makes as much sense as turning off a burglar alarm to stop burglary. The purpose of pain is to act as a stimulator … [Read more...]