Natural remedies for your headache pain

Canadians spend millions of dollars on prescription and over-the-counter drugs, such as Tylenol, to ease their headaches.   While generally safe, these drugs may pose potentially hazardous side-effects for individual users.  At best, they may provide temporary relief.  They usually mask the symptoms while doing nothing to treat the underlying causes.   The most common headache is the muscle contraction or tension … [Read more...]

Morning aches and pains? Check your pillow

Many people wake up with neck pain, tingling in their arms or hands, or headaches.   Most people blame their stress level on this type of problem----specifically on psychological stress.  It may have something to do with stress; however, if it does, it's probably physical stress.   Take a look at your sleeping position, including the pillow you use.  Do you sleep on your stomach, back or side?   Research shows … [Read more...]

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Do suffer from unusual sensations in either of your hands or your wrists?  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a very common problem affecting many people especially those who perform repetitive hand and wrist movements. There are eight small bones called carpal bones which make up three sides of the wrist and these bones form a small tunnel through which a number of tendons and the median nerve travel to supply function to parts of the wrist and … [Read more...]

Fitness Walking:

Effective Exercise for Your Good Health Over the last quarter of a century the exercise field has experienced one craze after another.  But only one activity - fitness walking - has shown steady growth in popularity.  Walking is a surprisingly effective strategy for life long health.  It is accessible to almost everyone.  You've done it all your life and you can continue to do it well into old age.  Walking also delivers proven benefits to all … [Read more...]

Food combining:

For better digestion, more energy Food combining is somewhat of a complex issue and in terms of our standard North American diet, a revolutionary one.  The basic theory behind food combining is that for proper digestion and utilization of our food, we need to observe certain rules.   Fruits need to be eaten alone, as they are more easily digested than other types of foods.  Vegetables can be eaten with either starch or protein foods.  … [Read more...]