Do you have low back pain?

Back pain is the number one health problem facing the work force in Canada today.   Eighty per cent of the population between the ages of 30 to 50 will suffer from low back pain at some time during their lives.  A significant portion of those who suffer a first time episode will go on to have chronic low back problems.   Low back pain can be divided into two main types: mechanical type pain and compressive type … [Read more...]

Prevention Measures to Combat Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a loss of bone minerals, density and bone strength, particularly of the spine and long bones of the arms and legs.  It is a common problem in menopausal women.  It can be a difficult problem to diagnose and regular x-rays are not that sensitive as they will reveal bone loss only after about 30 percent of the mineral content has been lost.  women should be aware of early signs such as periodontal disease, changes in the … [Read more...]

Is it weight gain or a temporary retention?

Sometimes the weight you appear to be gaining may be nothing more than simple bloating.   If you've ever awoke in the morning and appear to have put on four or five pounds overnight then take heart.  Real weight gain takes longer than that and doesn't appear as puffiness in your stomach, fingers or feet.  Excess gas or fluids can accumulate in your system mostly because of gastrointestinal problems or normal hormonal fluctuations.  … [Read more...]


Pain is part of the body's overall plan for survival.  Pain is nature's burglar alarm.   When it sounds, it means something is trying to steal yur health.  It means something is tampering with our correct body function.  It means you better do something to stop the theft.   Destroying pain through the use of sedatives or analgesics makes as much sense as turning off a burglar alarm to stop burglary.  The purpose of pain … [Read more...]

A pain in the neck

Do you suffer recurrent headaches?  Headaches are humanities most common pain.  For 20 per cent of the population headaches are chronic or recurrent.  To someone who doesn't have such a problem, the pain of headache may seem trivial, not worthy of serious consideration.  There are many types of headaches with many different causes.  According to Dr. Alan Rapaport and Dr. Fred Sheftell, founders of the New England Center for Headache, many … [Read more...]