Burning calories

Now that summer has come and gone, many people are getting back into their fall and winter routines.  For some who began starving themselves in spring to look great for summer, it may also bring about a reversion to old dietary habits.


If keeping those extra pounds off or losing some weight is your present goal the important point to remember is that calorie restriction is only half the equation.  The other half is exercise.


Calories are energy, and fat is excess calorie energy stored in the body.  Physical activity requires the expenditure of energy, therefore increasing the level of your physical activity is an obvious way to shedding unwanted body fat.


Exercise stimulates  your metabolic rate, and when  you do so on a regular basis, your metabolic rate stays higher, even during periods when you are not exercising.


With a higher metabolic rate, which is the sum of all physical and chemical changes in the body, the more calories you burn.  Exercise can also tone and build muscle and muscle burns calories in the body, which is something that fat doesn’t do.  The more muscle you have, the more calories the body uses, which makes it easier to stay lean without having to drastically cut your calorie intake.  Combining exercise with diet is the only way to create a lean, firm body.

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