Pain Has a Purpose

Pain is part of the body’s overall plan for survival. Pain is nature’s burglar alarm.

When it sounds, it means something is trying to steal your health. It means something is tampering with our correct body function. It means you better do something to stop the theft.

Destroying pain through the use of sedatives or analgesics makes as much sense as turning off a burglar alarm to stop burglary. The purpose of pain is to act as a stimulator of action. It is produced to make you act to correct the cause of the pain.

Relief of pain is good —if the real goal of correcting the cause is not forgotten or thwarted. Your life may depend on it.

Chiropractic care can help make pain-relieving drugs unnecessary.

The French artist, Pierre Auguste Renoir, suffered a great deal from an old malaldy —rheumatism. It was particularly painful for him to continue painting, which he did seated in a chair.

One day a friend passed by while he was forcing himself to work. Noting Renoir’s obvious pain, the friend exclaimed, “You have done enough already, Renoir. Why do you continue to torture yourself?” The artist looked at him for a long moment and replied, “The pain passes, but the beauty remains.”

We all have our moments of pain and our memories of beauty, and it is the beauty in life that sustains us through whatever moments of pain may come.

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