Natural remedies for your headache pain

Canadians spend millions of dollars on prescription and over-the-counter drugs, such as Tylenol, to ease their headaches.


While generally safe, these drugs may pose potentially hazardous side-effects for individual users.  At best, they may provide temporary relief.  They usually mask the symptoms while doing nothing to treat the underlying causes.


The most common headache is the muscle contraction or tension headache.


Tension headaches may affect as much as 95 per cent of the population and affect women more than men.  The pain usually starts in the forehead, back of the head or temples and spreads over the neck and shoulders.


The pain is steady and usually occurs in the early afternoon or evening.  There is a general feeling of tightness described as vice-like, and those who clench or grind their teeth may also develop tension headaches, especially during times of stress.


Vascular headaches include the classic migraine, common migraine and cluster headaches.  Symptoms of the classic migraine include an initially one-sided dull ache with intensifying pain in a crescendo fashion.  There may be a redness of the forehead or skin and the pain generally becomes pulsating.  The presence of an aura (seeing stars, tunnel vision) precedes the headache.  In a common migraine the symptoms are similar to the classic migraine with out the aura.


The most serious are the traction-inflammatory headaches.  These headaches comprise only about two percent of all headaches.  They are caused by brain tumors, aneurysm, infections, and neuralgies.  Symptoms vary, however, the pain is very severe, increases when the sufferer bends over or coughs, and may be accompanied by other symptoms.


Vertebrogenic headaches, are caused by problems within the  neck.  The pain generally begins at the back or base of the head and may spread forward to the forehead.  The sufferer will often relate feeling a constant tightness around the shoulders and neck and may have noticed a gradual reduction in the range of motion of their necks over and period of months or years.


Chronic irritation to the upper four neck vertebrae can produce not only headaches, but may also cause the muscles of the neck to tighten up.


If you suffer from any of these types of headaches with the exception of traction inflammatory headaches, there are natural forms of treatment available that are safe and effective.

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