Food combining:

For better digestion, more energy

Food combining is somewhat of a complex issue and in terms of our standard North American diet, a revolutionary one.  The basic theory behind food combining is that for proper digestion and utilization of our food, we need to observe certain rules.


Fruits need to be eaten alone, as they are more easily digested than other types of foods.  Vegetables can be eaten with either starch or protein foods.  Protein foods such as meats, eggs and milk products should not be eaten witih starches such as potatoes, pastas and breads.  So our standard of meat and potatoes is out, as are cheese sandwiches.


The reason behind this is that for the best digestion of proteins, our stomach needs to be very acidic; starches, on the other hand, require a more alkaline or basic medium (much less acidic).  When these types of foods are eaten together they can interfere with each other’s breakdown in the stomach, so that digestion takes longer and is less efficient.


Fruits and simple sugars should be eaten alone because combining them with other foods delays their digestion and thus they begin a termination process, allowing excess gas to form in the intestines. Fruit can, therefore, be eaten first thing in the morning or several hours after a meal.


Carefully observing these few food combining rules will allow for more optimum food digestion, making our digestive tract more efficient at breaking down and processing our food.  We will derive more of the nutrient content from our food and the digestion process will be sped up.  This sped-up digestion will result in a dramatic increase in our overall energy level.


For more information on food combining try reading Fit for Life  by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond.


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